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Twynam Angus Stud Performance Data


A stud’s critical role in any breed is to improve the overall performance of the animals. To do that we need to push hard in the direction we are wanting to improve. That can have some negative consequences which then need to be addressed. What is critical, is to not let the negative factors become really impacting on our performance and more importantly on yours, as our customers.


In the below Breedplan EBV graphs, you can see how the Twynam Angus Stud has evolved over the last 20 years compared to the Angus average.

We are proud to see how well we are performing in the the areas that we have focused on over the last couple of years: the Heavy Grain index, Angus Breeding Index, 600 day, carcase weight, days to calving and IMF.


We have taken a hit in a couple of areas and gone from better than breed average to below breed average in Mature cow weight, RBY, birthweight and CE direct. We are now putting focus on improving those areas without losing our recent gains in our focused areas.

Twynam Breeding Requirements
  • Heifers calve at 2 years old

  • All empty females are culled

  • Any females that need assistance at birth are culled

  • Bad attitude isn’t accepted

  • All animals have to perform, day in day out

  • Animals need to be resilient and able to handle different conditions. 

Twynam Breeding Goals
  • Mature cow weight max of 650 kg

  • IMF of 4.5+

  • Feed efficiency in the top quartile, which is a challenge with our IMF goals, as the 2 are antagonistic

The below 3 charts show how our R drop bull calves EBVs compare to some of the best known studs in the industry. 
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