Twynam has a long history in agriculture. Today we concentrate on animal production as shown below, on properties near Marulan, NSW.

Angus Stud

Twynam created the stud to provide the company with its brand of substantial bull requirements. It has been operating for over 30 years. From a stud cow herd of 2,000, the stud now runs 100 cows, focusing on high marbling, feed efficient and profitable cattle. The last couple of years Twynam has been selling its bulls as 1-year-olds.

Y Pork

The Twynam Porcine herd is centered around Large Black genetics. A rare, heritage breed, the Large Black pig is renowned for its’ foraging ability, and Twynam ensures their pigs live free-range to ensure production of the highest quality, pasture-raised pork.

Large Blacks produce fatty, red pork, which is highly marbled, similar to Wagyu beef. This rich scoring enables the pork to retain its’ moisture and flavour during cooking and processing for small goods.

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