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Twynam has a long history in Agriculture and today is run by Johnny Kahlbetzer. Read Twynam's story here.


Twynam’s agricultural interests today operate across the two properties, “Wingello Park” and “Johnniefelds”, near Marulan, NSW, Australia where we excel at breeding exceptional cattle and polo ponies in a regenerative manner. We are implementing management practices focused on pasture management with minimal chemical inputs and intensive rotational grazing to provide better and healthier pastures which will increase the carbon content of our soils and provide our animals with a better nutritional profile.



Twynam Angus have sold bulls across Australia and our genetics are proven to work in Southern Australia as well as in the tropical and arid environments in Queensland and the Northern Territory.


"We have Twynam Angus bulls working very well on our stations in NT and QLD. They handle very tough conditions while producing quality calves for both feedlot markets and replacement females. We were fortunate enough to purchase stud females from the Tywnam Angus stud reduction sale. These females are performing very well in our stud operations in central Queensland. They have handled the hot conditions as well as pressure from parasitic ticks very well. The quality of their calves is top shelf. 

The Twynam Angus bulls we have working for us in QLD and NT are producing great heifer calves that we will keep in our breeding program and steers that are performing very well on grass and in the feedlot. Having worked for Twynam for 10 years, since I graduated from University, I knew first hand the ruthless objective selection pressure that the Twynam Angus stud and commercial herd was put under and this gave me great confidence to purchase Twynam genetics for the CPC stud and commercial herds.”

Troy Setter, CEO

Consolidated Pastoral Company  (Australia's largest private beef producer, with stations in QLD, NT, WA, and 2 feedlots in Indonesia). 

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