We back entrepreneurs and companies who share our vision

We champion companies that think differently about solving them. Companies who want to promote multiple benefits, produce no by-products and don't think that toxic run off is the cost of doing business. That current way of doing business cannot continue.

Sierra Energy

Sierra Energy’s FastOx gasification waste-to-energy  technology turns your waste streams into renewable  energy. FastOx gasifier systems are a clean alternative to (and able to eliminate) landfills and incineration. It  can take virtually any trash, including household trash, hazardous waste, tyres, medical waste, construction and demolition materials are converted into clean energy, without burning. This produces no waste or emissions.


Evrnu is a textile innovations company. They have invented an entirely new kind of engineered fibre with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages, made from discarded clothing.Evrnu's suite of innovative technologies are designed to help the global textile industry grow by unlocking the full potential of the world's existing natural resources.


Using fly larvae fed on existing organic waste,  AgriProtein has developed and tested a new large scale and sustainable source of natural protein. The bioconversion process takes organic waste streams from food factories, supermarkets, farms and restaurants, and recycles these into valuable products: an insect based complete protein – MagMeal™, an extracted fat – MagOil™ and a rich residual soil conditioner – MagSoil™.

Clara Foods

Clara has disrupted the world with the first animal-free egg white and other protein-based products for sports nutrition, baking, and industrial uses. By using fermentation to turn sugars into proteins, Clara designs yeast to produce the same proteins people know and love but are produced completely animal-free, use less land and water, while matching the taste, nutritional value, and unique culinary properties.

Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is a cell-based clean meat company focused on cell-based crustacean meats (shrimp, crab, lobster by harvesting from cells instead of animals.

Vast Solar

Although not an investor in Vast Solar, we are a huge cheerleader of their amazing CSP technology, which delivers utility scale renewable energy generation with scalable, thermal storage. This delivers the ability to generate renewable energy during the day and to dispatch renewable energy 24/7 – during the day and night. By helping re-engineer the future of large scale energy storage, Vast Solar’s technology will help resolve intermittency challenges associated with variable renewable energy sources (VRES) as they deliver increasingly more ‘bulk’ renewable energy to the world’s power grids.

Pacific Green Technologies

With its patented technology Pacific Green Technologies is able to offer a wide range of emission-control systems for power plants and ships throughout the world.

Ocean Rainforest

Ocean Rainforest cultivate seaweed in pristine Nordic ocean waters, improving people’s wellbeing and making a unique contribution to our blue planet. They  seed, grow, harvest, and process seaweed themselves. Their gentle handling process is performed locally by a team of passionate experts, who ensure the seaweed stays rich in nutrients. They offer a collection of premium fully-traceable seaweed products, mostly to food and cosmetic producers.


A patented new take on coatings that creates a physical barrier to microbes and their food source, preventing them from colonising the concrete surface to create immortal concrete. 


OneCrop Biodegradable plastic film for the agricultural industry in broad-acre and horticultural growing in a variety of cropping systems across the majority of soil types and climates around the world. 


Using symbiotic fungi (endophytes) to create seed and plant treatments that confer stress tolerance on plants.

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