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What we do

We are boldly pushing boundaries in Environmental focused Venture Capital, Sustainable Agriculture, Built Environment and Renewable Resources. We believe that we can create a world where our oceans are free of plastics, our food is grown healthily and efficiently, our energy is naturally sourced, our proteins are sustainable and plentiful and our waste is reusable and recyclable.

The earth is our collective home; We are renting her from future generations.

The earth is our collective home; We are renting her from future generations.

Why we do it

“Our vision is for sustainable intergenerational growth, prosperity and clean living so that our future generations can enjoy similar attributes of the world that we enjoy today. It is evident that without substantial changes to how we utilise our resources, we are on a path that makes that impossible. Our resource usage is clearly unsustainable as the world heads to a population of 10 billion people. Food production needs to be doubled but we don’t have twice as much land, soil or water. Pollution in many areas is the most significant cause of human deaths. Our oceans are drowning in plastic and our carbon emissions are causing our planet to heat up more quickly than at any other time in history. We need solutions and our goal is to find them.”

Johnny Kahlbetzer
Twynam Investments CEO


Who we are

Proudly family-owned and spearheaded by Johnny Kahlbetzer, the Twynam Group is embracing a new chapter as a dynamic, visionary and innovative environmental investment company transforming how the world manages its resources. Our focus is to create a sustainable environment to minimise intergenerational environmental inequality. It is blatantly unreasonable to leave the next generation poorer than ours.

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