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We look for entrepreneurs crazy enough to think they can change the world, smart enough to work out how, and gutsy enough to do it. 

Our next economy is different:

Our proteins are healthy and plentiful.

Our waste is our resource.

Our oceans are healthy and free of plastic.

Our energy is renewable.

Our cities are built sustainably.

Our industry is carbon-free.



Food & Agriculture

We know Ag. We know food. It’s in our DNA.

As the human population approaches 10 billion, it is clear that the world’s current eating habits cannot be sustained.


Food production needs to be doubled but we don’t have twice as much land, soil or water. Our methods and our systems need to change.

We are committed to supporting genius ideas that reimagine the way we produce and consume food, including novel protein development, cellular agriculture, supply chain transformations, and AgTech innovations optimising yield and quality.

Ocean Sustainability

Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet.

Healthy oceans support healthy ecosystems, economies, and communities. Our oceans generate half of our oxygen, absorb a quarter of all CO2 emissions, and capture 90% of the world’s excess heat. Yet, the oceans are becoming warmer, more acidic, and more polluted every year.

We are on a mission to reverse our ocean legacy, investing in regenerating ocean health and transitioning to a sustainable ocean economy.


We look for commercially scalable projects such as cleaning up and commercialising ocean plastic, seaweed farms, sea urchin ranching, coral reef protection, restoring kelp forests, increasing krill populations, reducing ocean acidification, and cleaning up toxic ocean waste.

Zero Waste

We invest in a world without waste, landfill, or by-products.

Landfills are a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, toxins, and leachates. ‘Waste’ needs to be redefined as a resource. Our products, buildings, and infrastructure need to be designed with an end-of-life in mind.

Twynam is dedicated to investing in business models that enable circularity across our economy and drive profitable business models of non-virgin resource use. 

Our focus lies in waste diversion and turning traditionally non-recyclable materials into valuable resources.

Clean Energy

We need to rapidly scale clean energy, electrification, and a fossil-free future.

Energy use in industry, transport, and buildings accounts for almost 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


The world needs to electrify as fast as possible and grow utility-scale renewable energy production and storage. 

Twynam invests in electrification, storage, zero-carbon liquid fuels, geothermal energy, and any technologies that accelerate the clean energy transition.

Built Environment

Our cities and structures need a new blueprint for how they are designed, built, and powered.

We need to produce industrial materials such as cement, steel, and plastic without the emissions.

Twynam invests in a future where cities and infrastructure can be carbon sinks rather than sources.

Our focus is on green cement, green steel, other low-carbon building materials, and reimagined ways to heat, cool, and power our buildings.

Zero Carbon

The world needs to go beyond net zero and solve for centuries of emissions.

Our planet is already warming, and some processes can’t be decarbonised.

We must actively capture, utilise, or sequester carbon and store it permanently. Otherwise, we need to develop low-carbon solutions to current processes.

Our focus is on point-source capture, direct air capture, direct ocean capture, and any technologies that take carbon out of the atmosphere or significantly mitigate emissions from current processes.

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We look for teams who don't know there's a box they’re meant to think in, who don't want to make incremental changes, but total shifts in how things are done.

Talk to us!

We invest in companies with a scalable, global solution to an environmental problem, an absolute "A team", near-term deployment (we don't have any more time to wait!), financial & environmental returns, and complete clarity of purpose to spend your life cleaning up the planet. 

If that sounds like you, fill in the box below.


Tell us what problem you solve, how you solve it on a global scale, your business plan, how much you're raising (We fund Pre-Seed to Series B), your current valuation (if any), and why you think Twynam is a good investor for your company.

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We are straight up because we are busy changing the world.
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