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We look for entrepreneurs crazy enough to think they can change the world, smart enough to work out how, and gutsy enough to do it. 

We need new ideas, new dimensions for business to create the regenerative economy.

An economy that favours the earth.

There's no planet B.

Our next economy is different:

Our proteins are healthy and plentiful.

Our wasted outputs are reusable and recyclable.

Our oceans are healthy and free of plastic.

Our energy is naturally sourced.

Our cities are built sustainably.

Our industry is carbon-free.

Global challenges we're committed to solving

​The problems of this century are known.

We champion companies that think differently about solving them. Companies who want to promote multiple benefits, produce no by-products and don't think that toxic run off is the cost of doing business. That way of doing business cannot continue.  It has caused carbon dioxide levels to be higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years, for the oceans to become 30 percent more acidic than they were 150 years ago, for there to be more plastic than fish in the oceans, and for our food supply chain to become less sustainable.

We know Ag. We know food. It's in our DNA. To feed 10 billion, the systems need to change.

We’re unlocking the sustainable ocean economy and revising ocean value chains in areas that traditional capital has never been.

We’re eliminating landfill and pollution by redefining ‘waste’ as a resource and changing how we use it.

There are 4m people who die from air pollution caused by using fossil fuels each and every year.

More than anything, we need to rethink cement which produces 8% of global GHG emissions.

Without decarbonisation we stand little chance of limiting dangerous climate change. Seaweed could be the solution!


We look for teams who don't know there's a box they’re meant to think in, who don't want to make incremental changes, but total shifts in how things are done.

Entrepreneurs and companies we love

We are dedicated to championing visionary companies tackling the toughest problems of our time and who undertake bold projects to resolve them. Our portfolio companies promote positive environmental impact and operate without compromise, under the philosophy that sustainable business promotes both long-term environmental impact and financial return. We look for leaders who hold a vision for the world we should already be living in, with unwavering focus, resilience and grit. 

Our investment philosophy

We do more than profess our values, we practice them. We walk our talk - we are clear about what we believe and hold important, and we only work with companies that believe that business can transform the way we reverse climate change, depollute and decontaminate the world. We need action takers that have a capacity for fast deployment, as the planet needs us to work quickly to reverse environmental intergenerational inequality.

We invest in companies that have a scalable and global solution to an environmental problem, an absolute "A team", near term deployment of your solution (we don't have anymore time to wait), financial & environmental returns, complete clarity of purpose and reason for wanting to spend your life cleaning up the planet. 

If that sounds like you, fill in the box below. Tell us the problem you solve, how you solve it on a global scale, your business plan,  your current valuation (if any), how much you're raising (We fund pre-seed, seed and Series A to Series B rounds) and tell us why you think that Twynam is a good investor for your company.


Let's talk!

Send us your pitch

Oh, and no bullshit.

We are straight up because we are busy changing the world.
Let’s get it done - fast.

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