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  • James Wu

Investment Notes: Earthodic

Twynam Invests in Earthodic's Innovative Compostable Packaging Solution

Twynam is excited to be a part of Earthodic's oversubscribed $1.85M pre-seed funding round. Tenacious Ventures and Investible led the round, and USA-based Closed Loop Partners joined us.

Introducing: PaperbarcTM

Earthodic has developed an innovative bio-based coating called PaperbarcTM, which provides water resistance and strength to paper and packaging while remaining recyclable and compostable. This is a promising alternative to wax or plastic-coated packaging in agricultural and food supply chains.

Earthodic's Competitive Edge

The team at Earthodic impressed us with their technology. Competitors haven't been able to match the level of performance whilst balancing recyclability and compostability. Being able to recycle cardboard, which would otherwise go to landfill because of its wax coating, and replace plastic packaging without sacrificing performance are essential factors for a solution that the market can readily embrace.

Supporting Sustainable Packaging and Circularity

Twynam is thrilled to support Earthodic's mission to make packaging sustainable. We are keenly supporting Earthodic's growth as they participate in the USDA Biopreferred Program with their 100% USDA Biobased Product Label and move to increase their product offerings. Hopefully, Australia won't be too far behind.

The funding will expand Earthodic's tech stack, intellectual property, and sales and marketing efforts.

Earthodic Joins the Twynam Earth Fund

We are delighted for Earthodic to be one of our first investments made through the Twynam Earth Fund. The Earth Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in a better Earth. The Twynam Earth Fund exists to invest in and grow businesses with teams that are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, smart enough to work out how and gutsy enough to do it, while striving to generate leading returns. Keep an eye out for more companies to join Earthodic's ranks in our Earth Fund portfolio.

Find out more about Earthodic: here

Find out more about the Twynam Earth Fund: here


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