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Ocean Sustainability

We believe there is an economic value case for investing in restoring the health of our oceans, rivers and waterways. 


Less than 4% of the oceans remain unaffected by human activity and each year another 8.5m tonnes of plastics enters the oceans.​ Ocean pollution and decreasing marine life and diversity are our current legacy!  

We are calling for brilliant start-ups, focused on improving the health of the ocean through commercial scalable projects such as cleaning up and commercialising ocean plastic, seaweed farms, sea urchin ranching, coral reef protection, restoring kelp forests, increasing krill populations, reducing ocean acidification, and cleaning up toxic ocean waste. 

 Economically sustainable ventures that put ocean health as a primary outcome of business will deliver a range of benefits to people now and in the future.

Your solution must have traction, potential to deploy at scale and have massive impact in improving ocean health, whilst being a sustainable, for profit business model.

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