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04/06/2018 - Angus Stud Dispersal Sale
Twynam Agricultural Group will be holding Jemalong Station's Stud Dispersal sale on Thursd...
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About Us

“A world leader in sustainable agriculture.”

Our core principal that drives us:
 “Succeed together through People, Partnerships & Performance.”

Our Values
  • Acting with integrity – being ethical, impartial and honest.
  • Acting professionally – treating colleagues and stakeholders with respect, basing decisions on the best available science and being innovative whilst pursuing excellence in our industry.
  • Working collaboratively – demonstrating teamwork and developing partnerships
  • Focusing on service – being responsive and accountable, demonstrating commitment to achieving results in partnership with our communities; and
  • Sustaining our natural resources – considering the entire relevant environmental, social, economic and intergenerational factors in our leadership, innovation and policy making.

Australian Business
The Twynam Agricultural Group operates an aggregation of farming properties with a total land area of approximately 50,000 hectares in New South Wales located in the Riverina and the Southern Highlands. 

The Group's rural enterprises include cattle and sheep production, incorporating range and grainfed animals, dryland and irrigated cropping and more recently horticulture. (Click here for map of property locations)

Twynam’s Goals
Our goals are to identify, allocate and manage resources in competing activities across the Twynam Agricultural Group to ensure effective, efficient and sustainable use of these resources. “We are the guardians of our land!”
Our goals, through adopting industry “best practice” and a process of testing and implementing new and innovative management regimes, are to be:

  • a benchmark of performance in agriculture,
  • a respected influence in agriculture,
  • a respected influence in the community, and;
  • to be an employer of choice.

Twynam’s Opportunities
The unique selling proposition of the Twynam Agricultural Group is to offer opportunities through diversity, quality and scale. 

Our Stakeholders

We respect and appreciate the contribution of our stakeholders, some of whom we have identified as:

  • Our shareholders
  • Our employees and their families
  • The people and communities in which we work
  • Our contractors and suppliers
  • The end users of our produce
  • Peak industry and environmental bodies
  • Government and governmental organisations
  • Financial institutions



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